Updates Craft and Adventures in the Gardening Feb 2018

Today is feeling good so far, I have a few things on my plate that need immediate action
and I’m going to tackle them head on. One being my photo for the upcoming BUST ad in the Dec/Jan issue. It’s due tomorrow and with my current camera that seems to give me one good picture out of forty it’s going to be a bit of an uphill battle I suspect. Hmmm.
But I’m creating something new for the ad. Thinking of composition and color, something that will “pop” more and therefore bring my shop more traffic. I’m going with a brooch for the ad, seems the best choice for holiday shopping and the price is quite right on. The photos of a more square or round object seem to photograph better for the gallery sized horizontal photo format, so I’m making one with that in mind.

On a more inspirational note, here is my dream studio below –

Oh Martha Stewart, you’ve got my brain all in a tizzy over this studio. I want, I need, I must have this someday. Check out Martha’s blog here, it’s a good read.

My sewing room (I need a more encompassing name for it, other than “craft room”, help me please) overlooks my backyard. This can be a good thing, though right now it’s not so pretty actually. If I look to my right I only see a giant green tarp which is covering all the scrap that belongs to my landlords, we moved in with the promise it’d be gone by now. Hopefully soon, as it blocks my light and is a huge eye sore. If I look straight ahead and ignore my peripheral vision it get much nicer looking, though it’s a bit overgrown. I’ve been so busy with indoor creative creations that i’ve totally neglected going outside much. I’m already in Fall/Winter mode I suppose, it’s time to break out the winter clothes and put the heavier duvet on the bed. Hot Cocoa I can feel you getting closer by the day…

Here are two new creations that are already in the shop. Meet Penelope and the Little Village Pillow…

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