Cycling in London

Huge renovations have actually been made to London’s biking network over the last few years, with even more cycle lanes, vehicle driver recognition campaigns and expansions to the Santander Cycles plan. With the right safety precautions, cycling is a distinct means to experience and also delight in the city.


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Garden Furniture and Cycling in London

Sometimes you might wish that your better half could watch you cycling whilst laying on their new outdoor furniture sets on the patio, well they probably can if you get a static bike.

Latest news on Garden benches in the UK here.

Scenic cycle courses in London

Transport for London have actually established some recreation cycle courses in partnership with London Cycling Campaign. They are a great way to see London at your own rate and also have been made to be carried out in brief, easy phases.

Best London cycling routes? Click here

Health benefits of cycling

Cycling for fitness

Cycling news

Cycling Events

Tour de France

Giro d’Italia

London bike hire

The London Bicycle Scenic tour Business employs bikes at reasonable rates, with lower charges for longer rentals. It additionally supplies daily bike trips of London (weekdays only throughout the winter season), with or without bike hire.

Bikes on London’s public transport

You could take a folding bike anywhere on television.

Folding bikes might be taken without constraint on all Tube lines, river solutions, London’s regional trains, the Docklands Light Railway, and also London’s Tramlink. Non-folding bicycles could also be taken on some areas of the London Overground network. For more details, see the Transportation for London web site

Limitations on taking folding and non-folding bikes on nationwide trains vary from firm to business, so get in touch with your train company before laying out. For contact information visit the National Rail Enquiries web site

A Personal Tale Regarding London Bike Accidents

This is most likely statistically unusual given I am 20-something and also female, and when thinking back over my very first year it absolutely feels like a not likely end result. Consider me typing on the web. I could be dead rather than doing this however somehow I’m not. Either I’m unyielding or I have found out exactly how not to pass away. Given that I shed myself each and every single time I make salute, I could presume the invincibility theory is bogus, so it must be the latter.

I feel I need to share my discoveries. If you’re mosting likely to get on a bike and also go out right into London, these are things you should understand that you won’t find in any type of guidebook:

The most harmful person on the road is the fit on a Boris bike. The last time the suit on a Boris bike was on a bike he was 8 as well as he fell off. He goes the wrong way down one-way streets, he goes right down the centre of a two-lane bike course.

The second most harmful individual on the road is probably HGVs but truly it’s a toss-up in between the bone-crushing substantial cars that slide over steel bike frames/fleshy people as well as “the lady with the rippling skirt who obviously has actually not seen that docudrama concerning Isadora Duncan”. She will take down everyone in a 20-foot span as well as will condemn every person yet herself.

The new cyclist concerning London will certainly find out that there is a lot of buttcrack in this city. Miles of buttcrack hang around of London trousers everyday of the year. Also February.

2013 fatalities.

Over 1,000 bikers took part in a die-in objection outside TfL’s headquarters after 6 bicyclists died in a fortnight.
The Room for Cycling campaign’s Large Flight approaching your homes of Parliament.

In November 2013, six bicyclists were killed on London streets within a two-week period, bringing the variety of bicyclists killed in London in the year to 14, 9 of which involved a hefty items car (HGV). In action, the Metropolitan Authorities introduced an effort called Operation

Safeway, where 2,500 website traffic cops were posted at major joints throughout the city to release fixed charge notifications to roadway users breaking roadway web traffic laws and provide guidance to prone road individuals. Following the deaths, Boris Johnson specified in an interview on BBC Radio that bicyclists were endangering their lives when not complying with road traffic legislations, making it “very difficult for the website traffic designers to second-guess [their activities]. The remarks were immediately condemned as “dispersing blame into bicyclists [and also] blatantly aloof” by Roger Geffen, campaigns and also plan director of the Cyclists’ Touring Club, and as “evading duty” and also “a disrespect to the dead and also hurt” by Darren Johnson, the Green Party member of the London Assembly.

Former Olympic bicyclist Chris Boardman, plan supervisor for British Biking, the nationwide controling body for cycle auto racing in Great Britain, gotten in touch with Johnson to prohibit HGVs from some London roadways throughout height hours, stating that Johnson had made a verbal promise to him “to check out the successful experiences of Paris and also numerous various other cities in restricting the movements of heavy vehicles throughout peak hrs”. Johnson mentioned in a radio meeting that he was unsure by the idea, but was nonetheless considering outlawing bicyclists from wearing headphones while riding. However, the website traffic department of the Metropolitan Authorities were unable to recognize any type of major biking occurrences in which headphone use could be determined as a contributing factor.

Two weeks after the 6th death, a protest campaign organised via social networks held a die-in – modelled on the Dutch “Stop de Kindermoord” pro-cycling demos of the 1970s– outside the headquarters of TfL, where over 1,000 bikers lay calmly in the roadway and also held a vigil for bicyclists and also pedestrians eliminated by road traffic.

A BBC survey taken in December 2013 discovered that fifth of routine cycle travelers had quit cycling to work as a result of the current spate of fatalities. A fifth of the study participants had actually additionally been associated with an accident, and 68% thought that London’s roadways were not safe to cycle on.